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I'm absolutely thrilled to announce Geography of Murder is now out in ebook. It can be purchased in PDF, PRC and HTML formats. It hasn't shown up on the Kindle site yet, but it will soon, meanwhile you can get it straight from the publisher.

Print ISBN #978-1-60820-054-2
Ebook ISBN #978-160820-055-9

You can buy it directly from MLR Press:

Jason Zachary wakes in bed with a dead man. George Blunt was a person of interest to the SBPD for allegedly abusing young girls. Now he's dead and young Jason, with his record for hustling and drug abuse is charged with his murder. But something is off for Detective Spider. Can he clear the man he finds himself attracted to? Detective Spider has his own secrets, not the least of which is his yen for bondage and willing partners. Jason, with his past criminal record is forbidden fruit. But this is one cop who has never played by the rules. He's used to taking what he wants and moving on to his next playmate. He may have met his match with Jason. Can these two find a common ground and build a future together?

Two strong willed men whose desires collide in the dark BDSM world of bondage and pain. One seeks to be controlled, one seeks control. Will they go too far?


Pat Brown
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