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New Stephen King story collection in November

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To compare.... his last collection in 2008, Just After Sunset, was 360 pages and had thirteen stories
This newest one, The Bazaar of bad Dreams will have TWENTY stories ! Plus an intro to each! I tend to keep an eye out for each new story as it gets published and if possible I get the magazine its in and read it knowing each new collection is years away. Still, there are a few I missed in Bazaar or have yet to be published so I am really looking forward to this one.
And as I am aware a number of you have busy lives and can't keep up on the news I thought I would stop by and remind you to mark the calendar for November 3rd. This should prove to be a huge collection

And if you like here is a link I follow to a webpage that keeps track of all the latest King updates
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Thanks for sharing Frank - sounds cool!
Hmm ... looking forward to hearing more about the previously unpublished stories in this collection!
I love Stephen King's short stories! I've always thought he is a better short story writer than novelist.
King's short fiction collections are always an interesting mix. His first two, Night Shift and Skeleton Crew, are still his best. Also liked Everything's Eventual. Didn't care for Full Dark and Just After Sunset.

Thanks for posting King news. His next novel, Finders Keepers, a semi-sequel to Mr. Mercedes, comes out in June.
Thank you for sharing. I have amazing memories of reading his collections as a child. I've been a King fan since I was 7 years old, because my mother never cared what I read as long as I read LOL.

I've been getting his stuff on my kindle recently though to make up for all that I love as years went by. Stoked for this collection.
I've read Night Shift a few times and actually had the audiobook version on in the car today. Listened to "The Mangler" on the way to work. One of King's most memorable short stories, imo.
I'm a much bigger fan of his shorts than his novels. Can't wait.
King is ridiculously prolific. His first drafts must be near-perfect. 
Here is the separate posting on Liljas Library that features the cover for Bad Dreams a well as the list of stories inside and where they were originally published ( if you care to track a few down at the local library magazine section while you wait on the collection)

Just over three months to go.....
Crystal Lake Publishing said:
I'm a much bigger fan of his shorts than his novels. Can't wait.
I'm with you on this one - I thoroughly believe he's one of the best short horror writers in the world.

Although I still think the opening line to the Gunslinger is one of the greatest openers ever.
I cant wait! I've every single book and short story by him except the Dark Towers.
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