12,963,190 e-books sold over 1,445 titles by 138 authors.

As of this morning, those are the current totals for authors listed in our new KB Authors page.

In this page, authors who are members of the KBoards.com forum can self-report their sales totals. We believe this is the most reliable and up-to-date listing anywhere on the web of the sales success of e-book authors.

Over 100 authors are now in the table, including bestsellers Bella Andre, Amanda Hocking, H.M. Ward, Liliana Hart, Hugh Howey, Michael Wallace, and David Dalglish.

The page shows sales information, and many authors also include the back-story of how they reached their sales milestones. A search feature lets you find authors, and filter the display by genre and sales milestone.

Readers, click the graphic to browse through the KB Authors page. And if you're an author, regardless of your sales totals, add yourself! Click on the link near the top of the page to add or change your author info.

We're interested in your feedback. Comment below, or in this KBoards forum thread!