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I'm R. L. Mosz and my women's fiction novel The Keeper is now available on Kindle. The Keeper embodies everything a novel should-entertainment, humor, tragedy, and hope. Following is a description:

Dr. Christopher William Seacrest, neurosurgeon par excellence and chief of staff in a renowned medical center at only thirty-one years of age (after pioneering revolutionary new surgical techniques), is one of the world's shining stars. From an enormously wealthy family, he graduated summa cum laude from Harvard University years earlier, and casts a spell over everyone he meets with his verve, expertise, and magnetizing, striking appearance.

Caitlin Rosenberry, a server in a local organic restaurant, suffered a debilitating stroke when she was only twenty-one and has spent the previous three years of her life clumsily grasping handrails, walkers, and canes while attempting to navigate the painful road to recovery. Left with an occasional limp and her facial movements still a trifle disjointed, she experiences insecurities about her appearance as her entire life now seems to revolve around completing one menial task after another, surviving paycheck to paycheck, and appearing normal in an indifferent, competitive world.

One fortuitous encounter in an exam room, and the brilliant surgeon and unpretentious patient's lives are inextricably linked. A series of cataclysmic events are set into motion from which there is no turning back. In the midst of it all, Dr. Seacrest discovers himself in love with Caitlin; yet strangely enough, she never wants to see him again.

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