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New YA Fiction Fantasy Author Gary R Crombie (me)

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I've recently just Kindle published my new YA Fiction novel, The White City. Here's a brief synopsis:

When fourteen year old Robin's grandmother dies suddenly, he finds himself all alone in the world, and his future is plunged into uncertainty. Then when a strange, thin man appears on the evening of the funeral, Robin finds out he has unexpected ties to the city of Corcoran. A city he believes he has never been to before, even in his wildest dreams. The Royal City of Corcoran, or as its most commonly known, The White City, is a million miles away from Robin's simple existence in the small village he grew up in. But someone out there will stop at nothing, not even murder, to make sure Robin never makes it to Corcoran alive.


Gary R Crombie
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Hi, Gary, and welcome aboard.  Glad to have you with us.  Wishing you every success with your book.

Dan --
Thank you Dan. I appreciate the welcome. I'm still finding my feet on here.

Welcome to the KB and good luck with your projects.
Nice to meet you and interesting premise. I'm always interested in new YA authors. Good luck with the book. :)
Welcome to the boards!

Good luck with your book, I'll check it out!  :)
Thank you all for you kind welcomes. "You love me! You REALLY love me!" (Sally Fields - Oscars speech)

Any advice/tips on how to promote and market my new Kindle YA Fiction book on here and other places would me very welcome.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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