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I've got Raft People at 119 in the free store on my single day free run. I am number 1 (free) in Sci Fi Adventure and Alternate History. This is a personal best. And yes, I promised I wasn't going to run free days on a book that was making any sort of steady sales, but I decided I needed to try for a bump.

In case anybody wonders, I don't know what I did differently this time, except the book has more reviews and more past sales than it did before. It is possible that many authors thought this would be a bad day for a free day and so there is less competition. I have about 2,400 downloads so far which is nothing awesome from what I have read in the KDP Select thread.

I don't know all of the secrets of the Zon, but am hoping for some kind of bump out of this because my December was sluggish compared to October and November.

Anyway, Happy New Year to All - and to all a Hugh Howey!
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