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A few years ago before I published my first book, a really great successful Indie writer advised me to edit my own books and pay around $200 for a good cover. That totals the cost to only $200. She also advised that I look at my genre on Amazon and learn what's out there for marketing. This is in line with ^^DmGuay's advice.

Now, I didn't follow the above advice, not because it's wrong--I think in the cost/benefit analysis, it is spot on--but because I have the funds. I try to make my books the very best they can be. In fact, my first book went through three professional edits :eek:. Now they go through two: a copy edit and proofread. Hopefully, in a few years, I will only run them through one proofread. I feel like I write very well, but I do not hold an English degree. Getting books properly edited, like the Big 5 trad publishers do, can cost you over a thousand dollars. This, btw, in my opinion, is one of the advantages a traditional publisher has over us Indies. They foot the bill for a lot of the stuff we have to cough up on our own (like your interest in advertising. Proper advertising will cost you a lot). If you have the funds and want your books to be the absolute very best they can be, do this.

Whatever you choose, welcome to the club and best of luck. It's a rush :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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