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Congrats on the book!  I'm glad to hear that you've made the story that you want to.

As far as advertising, just remember that you have time after it is published.  You could always not advertise right away and use some free book days to give them to friends and family and get some reviews on amazon.  Or use some time to play around with keywords and see if one set up gets more eyes on your book than another.  And, once you've got it in a good place and some reviews are up, then advertising might be more effective.  I guess it just depends on if you want to push sales right away or if you can take a more long-term approach.  And you can always write something new while you are working on advertising and then just have your life ankles deep in this hobby  :D

Anyways, definitely post something on here when you get your book out there.  I'd check it out.
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