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Yes to all the above advice, but I would also like to stress a few other things.

Your first aim should not be to make money, it should be to find readers. The two go hand in hand, but it's a fundamental mindshift.

The other thing is that grammar and style is *not* the most important part of writing well. It's storytelling.

Storytelling is an art, and it needs to be learned. Now it could be that you're the most amazing storyteller ever, who naturally writes great plots and great characters and everything just flows naturally. But it's more likely that you're like the rest of us poor saps, and you're... not. You need to learn.

Therefore, don't invest too much in your book at the start.

Personally, I would advise that it's best to take the work to some other people first, like a developmental editor, or do this for free in a writing workshop. More than a grammar nerd, you're likely to need someone who knows about building good narrative arcs and characters that support the arcs. You'll  need to know about how to maintain POV, pace and tension.

But. I also get that this is probably not the right  moment for you to step back (even though I think it would be good if you did).

If you publish anyway, be prepared to learn on the job and bootstrap your way up.

But whatever you do, by all that's dear, write the next book, and the next one, and the next one. Because that's the best way to learn.
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