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It's your first book. You don't know what you don't know. Get some unbiased outside feedback. Paid editor is one option. But there are others that don't cost so much. Online critique groups and such. Paid beta readers which are cheaper than editors, but won't know craft details--they'll just let you know if it's a good read. Some writers forums let you share chapters for critique. Etc. Figure out if other people feel the same way about the quality of the book as you do.

Assuming it's okay, a self-published stand-alone novel tends to sell under 200 copies in its lifetime, even at the cheap prices self-publishers tend to charge. That means most lose money, or were published on a shoestring and basically break even. If money is tight, assume this will be you. How much do you want to spend (have to lose) in that situation?

"Good" books don't always sell. The things that seem to move the needle in order of importance:

1) Story clearly focused on a reasonably popular subgenre.
2) Genre appropriate pro-quality cover.
3) Write in series
4) Ad/marketing skills/budget
5) Good blurb
6) Craft/storytelling/proofreading elements (yes, sadly, last, but matters the most for selling book 2, which is where the money is made. book 1 is basically a loss leader.)

(Book trailers are worthless. Press releases and other paid media support are worthless. Paperbacks and bookstores are worthless. Your friends and family buying your books are worthless--even detrimental. Your path to success, if it exists, is ebooks on Amazon sold to hardcore readers of your genre.)
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