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+1, the book trailer is a money sink. It's a fun diversion.

+1, go for proof reading. "Phone a Friend" to get them to proof read and catch the most challenging errors that software cannot find for you such as wrong words spelled correctly like Two Too To.

Either get a pre-made cover or get software, free open source and many youtube videos on how to use, and make your own cover. The image is way less important than the fonts and font placements to make the title readable and convey the genre at a glance. Look up the original "Twilight" books and see how they used photographs of still life 'things' and clean font styles. Seek out Font Squirrel and DA Fonts and probably a few other options out there now. A readable font is important for the title. See what the covers of the top 100 selling in your genre are using and fit with the trend.

Learn to format your own book. There are tools and full method descriptions using free software. I grabbed these quick, they are based on MS Word but the techniques translate easily to Libreoffice

Write the next book. Always more money and fame with more books than more advertising ... because more books advertise your other books. Especially with Amazon's algorithms.

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