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Be aware that in the Time of the Chinese Plague there are probably a million would-be Authors doing the same thing you are. If you want to hire a proofreader AND a graphic designer of merit, I think your budget is on the low side. You also do not mention professional formatting. At least one formatter who I ordinarily recommend is so busy that she's not taking new customers, and of course we are also coming up on the Holiday Formerly Known As Christmas, which tends to see a deluge of of books needing formatting.

I think your very first investment, if you haven't bought them already, is a Kindle device AND a Fire tablet. As soon as you have them in your hands, download a score or two free samples of best-sellers and especially books in your genre if you're writing genre fiction -- and spend hours STUDYING them. Spend more hours studying the Amazon Kindle pages, especially book covers, book descriptions, and above all the Look Inside This Book samples (and compare all those things to the books' sales rankings).

Meanwhile, study this forum and the KDP community forums; the "Kindle University" help pages or whatever they're called; and the fourth post on my blog.

And be aware that ebook and print editions are very, very different. Don't ever upload a PDF for an ebook, and always upload a PDF for the print edition.
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