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Newbie hoping to be excused for the errors about to be made

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I'm a ' newbie ' to Kindleboards, so please excuse me if this post is in the wrong section etc, etc,. ???

Anyhow, I joined as I have an 'interest' in -make that 'fascination' with - 'Cold War Spy Thrillers'.

I reckon that the 60's presented a golden era of new music, such as the Beatles, and films e.g. The Ipcress File, and what about 'scandal'?
How can you possibly avoid all that intrigue of Cabinet Minister Lord Profumo's sex scandal with the involvement of such dynamic figures as Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies? 8)

OK, maybe, admittedly, I've gone more from fascination to 'obsession', as I've plunged to the extreme of writing a Spy Thriller called Three Way Street. Sorry, this is NOT meant to be a plug, so I won't put in a link, but I can't think of a clearer way (bar ostentatiously now having 2 Kindles) to introduce myself, while exploring Kindleboards, without serving it up with syrup-soaked waffle as to where I grew up, and which school I attended. :(

So, that's it, short and crisp, unlike the snow so far. Love to hear the views from any similar Spy lover.

Merry Christmas, or Hanukkah as the case may be, to all members.

Keith Gilbert
Otherwise -Author name: Ben Gilbert
Otherwise -User Name: Keeveler, (Well I told you I was new!)
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Welcome Keith.

You should use your book cover as your signature. That way every post you make on KB will contain a link to your book without being considered spam. Go into edit your profile; it tells you how to make your signature.

Good luck!
...and you can learn how to do it in the sticky guide at the top of this forum.

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