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Newby issues

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I've been having a crazy thing with All romance. I registered and received an email giving me the green light.
I tried to log in to upload my book and I can't get in, I've been emailing them back asking for help but I'm not getting any answer. Did anyone experience the same issue ?

I also tried preparing a book to upload on ibooks ... can't figure it out ...

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Your password should be in the first confirmation email from AllRomance. Double-check you're using the right email acct and password that you used to request the account.

As for ibooks, I don't know.
Did you log in as a publisher, cause there's a separate log-in for authors?

In my experience, uploading can sometimes be a bit sluggish at ARe, particularly for bigger files. But I only had problems uploading a book once and customer service was very helpful.
Thank you both for your answers.
Yes I have been using the info that was sent to me in the initial email and even took a screen shot to email back to them with the error message ... I tried with authors and with publishers ...
I hope they get back to me, if they do I think I'll publish with itunes with them and avoid to figure out how to make it work.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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