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"[F]or the past few weeks, I've done most of my recreational reading on the Kindle...and can honestly say I prefer it to inked paper. It provides a fundamentally better experience, and will surely produce a radically better one with coming iterations."

- Jacob Weisberg

Got me thinking that with all my complaining about the light text (a legitmate concern), I'd forgotten that I too PREFER my Kindle 2 over the printed word. As a K1 Owner, Amazon's decision to lighten the K2's text was like...well...

Ya know when you're married and you harp on that one NAGGING issue, that one annoying habit. The K2's lighter text was that for me: the open toilet seat, the cap of toothpaste, the roving eye.

My eyes are ready to adjust now. And though I wish with all my heart that Amazon would send a FIRMWARE update to darken the text (user-controlled), I do harken back to the words of the mystics:

"Concentration slip away
Cause your baby is so far away...
And if you can't be with the one you love
Love the one you're with."

(Kick me if this sounds like a coping stategy, AA meeting, or acceptance of powerlessness in the face of
Amazapathy !)
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