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Nick Crowell returns in this second volume of stories in the Crowell Files series. There are two novellas in this 60,000 word volume.

The first novella is called 'A Burning Anger' and is about a woman by the name of Lisa Winters, who is being stalked by an invisible entity. She contacts Crowell, who does what he can to rid her family of this unseen threat.

The second novella is called 'Reflections' and finds Crowell taking stock of his life in between a visit from his son as well as meeting a new character named Mr. Bones (only by cell phone), a voice from the after life.

Nick Crowell is a Cleveland cop who was shot in the gut while chasing a suspect through a cemetery. Since then, he encounters ghosts and people with strange problems. Not being an expert as this sort of thing, he does the best he can under the circumstances.

He wants to do more these people and yet, can't, and this weighs on him through the series.

The Crowell Files Volume 1 Empath, the first book in this series, contains nine stories, five of which were originally seen in Demonminds in 2007/2008, and is available on Amazon.

The Crowell Files are rated PG 13 and not recommended for anyone under the age of 15 for language, violence and some mild sexual material

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