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Nine books published in 2012

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Followed the advice from here on Kindleboards. One book wasn't enough, so now we have ten. We even managed to break the top 100 in Superheroes with three of our comics. ;D

We're ready for the Kindle rush. ;) Thinking about some KDP select days in January too. Here's wishing all of us much success!

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Your books are looking good too - love the action anime covers!
Nice! Those covers look swish, the presentation appears polished... very well done. Looking forward to seeing your success in 2013. :D
I read somewhere that children's books are supposedly taking off like mad this year because more adults are buying eReaders and tablets for their kids.
(Guess it keeps bedrooms from being so cluttered up with books and comics!)

Your covers are very eye catching. I hope you do well with them.

Very Nice!

I have only four publications, but I started in August 2012, so that's pretty good.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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