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Hey, all!

New to this board (I think... might have stopped by a while back) and using my one-post chip to put my pro information out on the table. Mostly here to talk about Kindle authoring and publishing but I've already skimmed some of the user/reader/book forums as well.

But since we're here:
  • Hi! I'm a (national award nominated) writer, (experienced) editor, (multi-skilled) publication designer, (veteran) publisher and (rabid... wait, maybe that's not the right word) dog lover.
  • My publishing site is; most of my titles have been issued or re-issued in Kindle and I rely mostly on KDP for publishing these days, although I go back as an old Thomson-Shore customer and I use Lulu for bulk projects.
  • My graphics/communication agency site is I split this off from the publishing company a decade or so back to better serve non-author/publishing clients.

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    AND I've just released Word & InDesign to Kindle: A Professional Guide (A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional-Quality Publication in Kindle Format), which might be of interest to any serious and/or frustrated Kindle publishers around here. It's (quite inexpensively) on Amazon, of course, in softcover and (duh!) Kindle.

Happy to chat anything on the tech end of Kindle publishing (maybe in separate threads) and answer any questions I can!

— Jim
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