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Hi, I've just got my Kindle Fire HDOS  (10th generation) There is a print option for emails and web pages where my wireless HP printer (Envy 4500) comes up and these both print successfully. However, if I create docs (.doc) in Utilities, there is no print option to select when I click the 3 vertical dots beside the .doc in Local Storage, just options to email  or delete.

I have contacted Amazon Support who just repeated the genetic advice on their help pages. The recommended downloading print plugins for the Appstore, but these were for other printers (eg. Canon, Epson) not HP. There seems to be no HP print or plugin app in the Appstore. On HP help pages they say eHP print is not compatible with Fire OS above  5.x and my Kindle Fire is IS I don't know if the problem is not having a print plugin as I am able to print emails and web pages.

Can anyone tell me why there is no print option for .docs in Local Storage and if possible how I can print these documents?

I would be grateful for any advice. Thanks in advance. .
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