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Non-fiction booklets

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I was looking at the enormous list of all the things I keep meaning to do this summer, and was reminded of one of my past blogs "Reading Chinese Menus." I was really sorry to have to abandon that blog, but it was time consuming, and didn't make any money.

But I realize that the existing material would make a cute little reference book -- at least if the Kindle can handle the Chinese characters in the text. (I have illustrations it can handle, but it all works better if you can also have the words in the text too. I'll be testing tonight.) About 10k worth of words for 99 cents. (Or maybe even more, given the fact that references specific to menus are hard to find, and non-existent on Kindle as far as I can tell.)

If I could get that to be an income stream through Kindle and Smashwords... that would make it worth continuing too.

Anybody else looking to package other parts of their lives into ebook publishing?

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