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A Practical guide for implementing KM and KM standards.

Dear Kindle-Readers,
Learn more about what is Knowledge Management ? How does KM become so critical in this pandemic world ? How to start KM in one's project, company, startup formally ?

Visit & Download the book :

"Anybody can manage knowledge regardless of their role, and the size, type and scale of their organization".

You can read the most comprehensive book on practical Knowledge Management to understand the knowledge constraints around oneself, projects, programs, department, functions and an organization ? And Learn how to design Knowledge Management System, KM Framework, Architecture, Processes, and the KM Practices in your organization with Illustrations, systematic/logical steps, and Checklists to enhance overall knowledge development and management to increase overall organizational effectiveness and resilience. You will get to learn how to manage knowledge assets, manage competency/skills of employees, enhance collaboration, and organizational learnings.

Make a difference to your organization during this Pandemic !!

Thank you,
Santhosh Shekar


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