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Announcing developmental editing services...

Greg Aunapu, New-Media Gurus
"A working pro makes your prose work."

Take advantage of my 30 years in publishing as an author, literary agent, book doctor and journalist!

I'm powering down on working as a literary agent to complete some of my own projects and expand into other areas. So, I'm offering friendly, constructive developmental editing for both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. My goal will be to help you hone the best attributes of your individual voice, while still taking into account what readers and editors may expect from a particular genre.

I can also provide guidance on works-in-progress, spotting plot holes, out-of-character action, and weak dialog as you progress, so your story doesn't go off the rails! It will be, in effect, a customized writing workshop.


I've read thousands of queries, proposals and manuscripts, and sold many of them to top publishers.

As a writer, I've published three books with major houses (plus a few ghosted projects), written and reported hundreds of articles in the national media, and worked about ten years as a freelance correspondent for Time magazine.

How to submit:

I'll be happy to take a look at summaries and sample chapters to decide whether I'd be a good fit for you (at no cost).


Deep-dive developmental editing is $.07 a word and will include long-form detailed notes on character, dialog, sense of place, and plot. I'll also brainstorm ideas for areas that may need some rethinking, provide light copy-editing and proofing where I see problems. Notes will contain individualized advice the author can use to sharpen their writing going forward.

I'll also consider doing less intensive critiques on your near-ready manuscripts and non-fiction book proposals at lower rates, which may well be enough for many projects. This will be around $500-$750 for a 60K-75K manuscript, depending on how close the manuscript is to being a finished work, and we can discuss pricing for longer material. But we'll come to an agreement first.

Indie authors can also avail themselves of additional advice for several aspects of their self-publishing projects, such as my opinions on cover artwork, marketing strategies and platform building.

(*Please note: to avoid conflicts of interest, I will not be able to represent any such projects as a literary agent.)

Please contact me through Kboards or view my website for more info!

Recently published articles on Medium:

I'll add to this all as time goes on. But I just wanted to get this posted.
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