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How do notes and highlights work across multiple kindles when you turn syncing off?

I'm guessing that it saves whatever ones you already had and then once you edit them it saves them individually per device?

Right now I only have my K1 and iphone until my DX comes and I can only read my notes ect on the iphone I can't create them. So I'm not sure how it will work.

I'm asking because I'm going to turn off syncing again once my DX comes and I end up giving my K1 to the hubby, so we can read the same books and not mess up book marks ect. But I do want my existing notes and highlights from my K1 books on my DX.

So I'm thinking, leave syncing on. Load all my books onto the DX. Then turn off syncing. Will result in the transfer of all my bookmarks and notes??


Then I guess he can edit the existing notes ect on the K1 as needed and create his own.
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