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jonathanmoeller said:
As I get more books up, I'm going to try having a variety of price points.

Like, "Demonsouled" and its sequel "Soul of Tyrants". Right now I'm writing a third book in the series, "Soul of Serpents", that I hope to have up by November/December. I think I'll keep "Demonsouled" and "Soul of Tyrants" at $0.99, and set "Soul of Serpents" at $2.99. Or I'll set "Demonsouled" to zero at Smashwords, hope Amazon price-matches, and set "Soul of Tyrants" to $0.99 and "Soul of Serpents" $2.99.

I think it helps to have more books and several series, since you can play with the price points more. Of course, it might take a few years of work to reach that point. ;D
I agree that it's nice to have enough books to try difference prices. My new book is .99 right now, but will be going up to $4.95(!) once my peeps have gotten it for cheaps. Then I'll have books at .99, 2.99, and 4.95. Of course, my .99 is a play, so it's not the best judge of how a book will do at .99. But once I've published enough short stories for a sequel collection to Pulling Teeth, I'm going to permanently price it at .99.
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