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As a self published author, one of the biggest difficulties I faced was that of finding a suitable artist to create a stunning cover image for my book. Having received many quotations from what were in effect; Copy Paste Artists, I turned to Computer Generated Image Artists and, quite soon I had the perfect image with which to tempt the would be purchaser, to buy my book.
Since then I have discovered that many other self published authors; are facing similar problems and, in an effort to build a bridge between Authors and Artists, I have launched a C G I Artists Spotlight on my Authors and writers Blog site.

This month I am running a CGI Artist Spotlight on Australian, C G I artist Phillip Phair, a very talented C G I Artist.

Australian, CGI Artist, Phillip Phair has kindly consented to take a place on the Authors and Writers Blog site and, display some of his beautiful renderings there, for you to see.
Phillip will be looking forward to working closely with self published authors; who are looking for a High end book cover image, to promote their literary works.
The Writers and Authors blog site can be found here'
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