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Gary_Berg said:
Right now the new Oasis is on sale for $175. I could get that or the paperwhite for around $85. Not sure which I would want, the Oasis is a lot wider. I do usually read with the cover in place, and sometimes I use the buttons and sometimes not (probably 70/30).

If I do replace it I would want to trade this one in. How long does it take to get access to the discount percentage; this is the only Kindle I have.
Aside from the size difference (& I do like the extra screen-width), the Oasis has a "warm" setting, kind of off-white that's nice (& variable) & easier on the eyes -- not the same as just dimming-the-brightness (which of course you can also do).

IIRC when you use the trade-in option they'll give you a trade-in deadline to send it in (& reminder emails), meanwhile you've already gotten the new one.

Be *sure* to keep your send-in tracking info! My trade-in got lost *after delivery* & I was able to tell customer service all the info (track#, dates, etc) so they didn't take away my discount & gift card.

ETA -- also, before doing anything, be sure to make a note of the model/serial#. I think I both deregistered on the MYCD page and did a factory-reset on the device.
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