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I know some folks don't like to hear anything but praise for Oberon, but I have to agree, some of their business practices are a little inconsistent.  I ordered my first cover (Butterfly) days before they came out with the Three Graces cover.  I had called and asked specifically if the Three Graces was available and told no.  When I saw the Three Graces available before I had even received my Butterfly cover I called and asked to exchange...I was told no.  I personally will not buy another cover for my K1.  I think the quality of the Butterfly cover is excellent and I don't need more than one cover.  This all being said I still think Oberon covers are very nice and my husband ordered Tree of Life for his K2.  I just think since I  had specifically asked for Three Graces and it became available before I even received my Butterfly cover it would have been a nice, customer friendly thing to do to exchange it.  So I must agree, some customers seem to be treated differently than others even though we all pay the same price.  I am not whining....I just feel I was treated as a less valuable customer.
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