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Linda Cannon-Mott said:
I got home form work, opened my mailbox and there it is.... my Oberon Cover. My DecalGirl skin is between my storm door and front door. I am so excited, check my shipping order: 1 Dragonfly Pond Kindle Cover. I take it out and open the paper and there is a Purple Butterfly Cover. Ohhhhh I am so disappointed!! It is nice but purple is not a favorite color and it is not what I wanted.

Oh well I called Oberon and they were very nice, she checked my order and said, "Oh we made a mistake." They are mailing my DragonFly Pond tomorrow and sending me a return shipping slip. I did get a beautiful little DragonFly charm though.

I think there will be more of you getting your covers today because I know several of us ordered the same night.
Oh, that's a bummer when you are so excited about receiving something and it's the wrong thing! But I'm happy to hear (and not surprised at all) that they are getting the correct cover to you ASAP. I am sure you will be very pleased w/it when it arrives.
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