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Linda Cannon-Mott said:
I got home form work, opened my mailbox and there it is.... my Oberon Cover. My DecalGirl skin is between my storm door and front door. I am so excited, check my shipping order: 1 Dragonfly Pond Kindle Cover. I take it out and open the paper and there is a Purple Butterfly Cover. Ohhhhh I am so disappointed!! It is nice but purple is not a favorite color and it is not what I wanted.

Oh well I called Oberon and they were very nice, she checked my order and said, "Oh we made a mistake." They are mailing my DragonFly Pond tomorrow and sending me a return shipping slip. I did get a beautiful little DragonFly charm though.

I think there will be more of you getting your covers today because I know several of us ordered the same night.
I'm so glad to hear how nice customer service. I hope mine arrives soon. I ordered the same cover and at the same time as you did. I just checked their website and mine says that it is pending. I won't be home until Monday, Feb 9, so if it does get there I won't get to open it and enjoy it. I will have my husband open the package and make sure it is the right one.
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