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Hi all, I've mentioned this in the main Oberon thread, but a taking the liberty of extracting the question and posting like this because time's running out.... How dramatic! I have a pal who is going over to NY in May and could take delivery of a PW case during his holiday, since I'm in Europe that will really help me out.

I'm wondering if some of you who have Oberon cases feel you are 'done' with the 'which is the prettiest thread' and if so, perhaps I can ask you here.

Neo has helped me very much re dimensions. Now I have a question on colour. Has anyone recently ordered a navy or walnut design? If so, is there any chance you could give me a bit of feedback and perhaps, if you've the time, post some pics? I know not all monitors are created equal! But the walnut in Oberon's pictures looks very flat and to me, greyish. The navy I'd just like to know if it is near black or a richer blue.

Thanks so much if you can help.

Have a lovely Easter and I truly hope the weather is more spring like wherever you are than here!
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