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Toby said:
Ruby, last night I found out that my cover was done & ready to ship. Yipppeeeee!!! The only thing, it said that I might not get it until 12/24. If it does come that day, & I am out of town when it comes, I will be so anxious to get home. -:) It's on it way, so I'm hoping the UPS person doesn't want to work on 12/24 & delivers it by 12/23 or sooner. Now, the only next thing. We are getting a bad snowstorm here in New England.....LOL!!! Oh, the wait..... I can't wait to touch it & study the artwork.
Ruby, which 1 are you getting with corners? I hope you ordered it. I think we should call ourselves Kindle cover collectors.
Congrats Toby, happy to here your Kindle Koat is on the way! ;) Touch, study and don't forget the wonderful smell of leather!

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