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Right now on Amazon you can get the Octovo Tirim Splashproof case for $1.00, or $5.99 shipped. There are two coupon codes on the product page that you can input during checkout. For some reason they list two different codes on the same page, but you can only use one of them.

The first one (4I7WHQR8) gives you a $23.99 discount, bringing the total to $1.00 plus $4.99 shipping for a total of $5.99 shipped. The second code (8EISZG3U) gives you two discounts for some reason, one for $24.74 & a second discount of $.24, effectively bringing the price to $.01, w/$4.99 shipping for a total of $5.00. I used the second code & got my case for $5.00 total including shipping.

Here's the link for the cover on Amazon:

I posted this in the Accessories board as well, so if this is in violation, please feel free to delete whichever post is in the wrong place. Just wanted as many folks as might be interested to be able to take advantage.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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