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So on February 12th, I uploaded new versions of some of my books to Smashwords.  They had new author notes in them and I also adjusted the price on the books.  This is a fairly typical thing for me to do.

Today, I realized that all of those books were missing from Sony, where they had been before.  I went to Smashwords to look at them and realized that the original first version of each book was in place instead of the latest update. :(  They also had txt and rich txt versions, which I used to enable, available, even though I haven't done that in nearly a year now.

The only reason I can think that they would be missing from Sony is because those old versions have links to my Smashwords author page, which I don't put in there any more due to Apple not accepting that.

I've contacted Smashwords and hope to get a response in a few days, but the main reason I posted here is because I'm curious if anyone else has run into this problem recently?
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