CIA station chief Ben Gordon becomes unexpectedly entangled with the beautiful and mysterious assassin known as 57-J, in this highly-rated international thriller from Richard Ferguson. Enjoy this Cold War spy thriller today while it's a Kindle Countdown Deal!

Oiorpata The Thriller, by Richard Ferguson
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332 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 9 reviews

"Richard Ferguson has written a masterful spy novel that will blow your socks off. The plot centers on Russia as being thoroughly beaten in the Cold War. Unfortunately for the USA, that is what the Russians have wanted them to see, and they are far from beaten. Throughout this time they have waited to unleash a plot to dominate the world. Ferguson allows the plot to unwind through the eyes of a CIA agent Ben, and his counterpart in Russia, a beautiful Soviet agent named Marina. The author masterfully invites the reader into the minds of these two agents and their closely intertwined lives. Through them, the plot unfolds, and the reader is able to see both sides; Russian espionage and the US response. Eventually Ben must go rogue, and in the process meets his Russian nemesis with an unexpected far reaching impact. I could not get enough of it!" -- Amazon reviewer
When those in the intelligence community gather to drink, they joke about the myth of the Oiorpata, beautiful assassins trained in seduction and programmed to kill using firearm, knife, bare hands, or a myriad of seemingly benign objects with equal ease. The Oiorpata have practiced their deadly art undetected. Until now.

The United States and the western world have won the Cold War. Or have they?

When Ben Gordon, CIA Station Chief, sets out to recreate a blown network of agents, a minor KGB clerk tells him of a mole in the highest ranks of the CIA. Ben sets out to identify the mole and along the way meets a woman who helps him, or does she?

The more Ben learns of the plot, the more enormous it becomes. Every discovery proves to be ephemeral, vanishing to reveal something more monstrous and far more dangerous. Behind it all, Soviet Spymaster Alexei Karkarin uses the world as a chess board, now feinting a move, now sacrificing a man to gain a queen, always anticipating the future, and with one goal. To conquer the world.

Their memory erased, programmed to hear and obey only the Good Words, the Oiorpata are perhaps the most deadly creatures ever imagined. The woman known as 57-J is the best. Except for one little thing.

Of all the Oiorpata, only she retains a wisp of memory.

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Meet the Author

Till now, he has been one of the finest unread writers of international intrigue of his generation. Dazzling, gripping, shocking, unforgettable: the inner-circle of his friends privileged to read his works use these words to describe them. Those friends include, or have included, many successful authors such as Billie Sue Mosiman, and editor Morgan Entrekin.

Why didn't he want his works published? "It's not that I didn't want them published," he says, "it's just that I'm too lazy. Or maybe it's similar to my quitting college with four hours to go to graduate. Stupid, lazy, maybe quixotic. Take your choice."

This is the first opportunity for the public to read one of his novels, Oiorpata (the thriller), starring Ben Gordon and an unforgettable character of spy fiction: 57-J. Set in the height of the Cold War, it's a story in which 57-J, taken from her parents at five years old, memory erased, trained in assassination and seduction, clashes with Gordon, Moscow CIA Station Chief, in a sweeping conspiracy in which the Soviet Union will conquer America and the world.

Ferguson wrote his first short story at the age of six, but first became a journalist. He wrote for school newspapers through college, then for the Stars and Stripes in the Army. After that he freelanced for magazines, newspapers, advertising companies, and sold a couple of film scripts.

Whenever the mood struck him, he worked on novels and short stories. Oiorpata would never have been published at all if Ann, his wife, hadn't filed it and kept it.

He seems to have settled down to writing now, so some of his other works may become more than file fillers. When he's not writing, he enjoys playing snooker, exploring Mexico, and competing in distance races. He thanks those readers who have spent real money for his books and especially those who take the time to write reviews.

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