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ONE OF THE WICKED (A MICK CALLAHAN NOVEL) is $2.99. The 4th Mick Callahan "Running Cold" is OUT NOW.

There is a compilation of all three movels on Kindle for $4.99 as "The Mick Callahan Novels." All previously published Callahan novels "Memorial Day," "Eye of the Burning Man" and "One of the Wicked" are on Kindle seperately as well.

"One of the Wicked, the third novel in the Mick Callahan series, is a page-turning and compulsively readable thriller that will keep you guessing to the very last scene."

FROM BOOKLIST: "Mick Callahan, the former Navy SEAL turned psychologist and radio talk-show host, not to mention amateur sleuth, thinks he's just doing a friend a favor. Bud Stone, a former military comrade, is in a bit of a pickle: he owes some money to a charmer named Big Paul Pesci, and he's also worried about his one-time girlfriend, Brandi, whom he asks Mick to keep an eye on. But when Bud rips off a drug dealer to pay the mob boss, the situation explodes, with Mick caught in the blast. This, the third Callahan novel, is the best of this young series, tightly plotted and sharply written. Mick continues to be a very compelling lead, a hero who is flawed in interesting but not incapacitating ways. With any luck this is still early days for this increasingly addictive series." --David Pitt

"The action keeps coming in Mick's third case."
-Publisher's Weekly

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Hi Harry, and congratulations on your book!

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