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Opening kindle files

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Can somebody help me out, please?

I've just sent a mobi file to a reader that wants to review my book, and she's sent me this email.

'How do I download from this email to my kindle? it is telling me I have to get another program to open it and I tried the KnowHow cloud but it wants me to purchase it :( ... Can you help???'

Now I don't have a kindle, so I'm not sure of the process. The file has been sent to other readers before without a problem. Any advice as to what instructions I could give her?
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She can get the Send to kindle program free on Amazon (and find a how to to use it, it's easy once you know your devices email address) or she can use a micro USB cord to connect her Fire to her computer and MOVE a copy of the file onto her Kindle Fire.
Thank you. I'll let her know.  :)
I've downloaded mobi files directly to my Kindle. Connect the Kindle to the computer via USB and simple copy or move the mobi file to the documents folder in the Kindle. It's like transferring date to an external storage device, the device being the Kindle.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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