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Organizing books on the Fire HD

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Has anyone found a way to organize your books on the Fire HD? I share an account with my mom and between us we have over 400 books on the cloud. We mostly share the account so I can buy and download books for her, and we share books only occasionally. I keep forgetting about books I've purchased and mean to read. Also samples I intend to purchase later. Is there any way to create folders like you can on the Kindle readers? Anything short of keeping a written list somewhere? Thanks as always for your help and the collected wisdom of this group!
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There's no way to natively do it. Solutions people have found are things like the Book Collections app, using Shelfari or Goodreader (Shelfari will import your Kindle library from Amazon), spreadsheets, Calibre, etc.

I use Goodreads, as I can put books on shelves, and I'm experimenting with Shelfari which also has shelves and can import my library.

I had great hopes for Book Collections(?) but I found you lost too much by using it. You got the ability to sort into collections and open a book and read it. But you can't do highlights, looking up definitions is awkward, and you have to write down your location to go back to it. This was the big downer for me. I haven't tried it lately, if they have been able to fix that, great. Last I checked, it was $2.99.

There are people who like it, so I include it here. Here's a link:

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There was another app I read about recently. . . at the I Love My Kindle blog, I think. . . . As I recall he liked it better than the one Betsy mentioned, but it still doesn't let furthest page sync. I'll look for it and include a link in a bit. . . . . .
Thanks, Ann.  I've seen another one out there, I think it's called Collections for the Kindle Fire, but having already invested in the Book Collections one, I didn't want to get another disappointment since apps can't normally be returned.

If I can't reopen my Kindle book directly to the last page read, that a nonstarter.  It's one of the things I love most about the Kindle, that it remembers my place.  But others want collections more, I get that.

Ann in Arlington said:
Collections for Kindle Fire (7" Fire Version)

That's the one. . . it does have a different icon. ::)
There's also a version for the 8.9" Kindle:

Collections for Kindle Fire (8.9" Fire Version)

And apparently this one for the 7" Fire HD:
Collections for Kindle Fire HD

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