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Rie142 said:
What do you use? A word document? A program or just Amazon.
I cleaned everything off my kindle and just downloaded all the As that didn't sound familiar. Once they were loaded, if I saw that there is some progess showing in the dots underneath, I opened them up, then if I finished them, I just deleted them off the kindle again. As books are read, they are moved off the kindle. Then I did the same thing with the Bs.

Any new books get downloaded onto the PW. If they are before the letter I'm reading now, I'll read them at the end of the letter. If not, they just go to the cloud.

HOWEVER, this is just what I'm doing on the PW. My DX has a few books that I re-read at times, and The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich that I am reading a bit of everyday to get through it before I get to Berlin Diary.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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