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I must say that  I've never understood why people download thousands of books that they will never have the time to read, but each to their own. I generally have between 10 and 40 books in a collection called "To Be Read". These are my unread books. If there are other books that I might want in the future I use the wish list button that I added to my browser to put them into one of several wish lists on Amazon. The button allows anything to to put in a wish list, even if its from another web site. I have over 1000 book in my archive, about 60% from Amazon and 40% from other sites which I either sent directly to my Kindle (and thus it automatically gets archived), or emailed to my Kindle with the same result. Of that 1000+ books, there are only about 35 that I have not read. I probably have another 300 books in my wish lists, which I go through from time to time to buy something. It's much less confusing this way. It's much easier to have a lot of books in my wish list, than loading them on my Kindle. If one is paranoid about Amazon going under, keep a copy of every book on your computer. I used to do that but I don't bother with it anymore. Anything I want to look up I just search on "manage my kindle" using either the author or title as the search term. If you want to classify by genre, I guess you could put 1 star for mysteries, 2 stars for sci fi, etc. I also keep an excell spreadsheet with every book that I have read (sorted by author), and a rating of between 1 and 10 as to how much I liked it. Thus if it is a series that I read 3 years ago and a new volume comes out, I can easily see how much I liked it to see if I want to buy the newest addition. I read so many books I don't always remember how good or bad the series was from several years earlier.

It's a simple system, but it gets the job done fo me.

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