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stevene9 said:
I must say that I've never understood why people download thousands of books that they will never have the time to read, but each to their own.

I don't totally understand it myself, but I do it every time I buy a new Kindle. :) I trust Amazon more than any other company I've ever dealt with, but I have a lot of money invested in my books and I just can't help thinking that they're safer with me than somewhere else where I have absolutely no control over what could happen someday. Even with a lot of books it doesn't take all that long to download them and then you're safe from any issues that could occur on their end, such as server issues or whatever. I think it's a lot more convenient to have only a few books on my Kindle at a time, but I always download them anyway. Maybe I just read too many doomsday and disaster books. ;D
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