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Scathach said:
I am curious what other hobbies besides reading everyone engages in?

Me: I knit (which now I can do while reading since I don't have to be holding pages down wheeee!), read comics, volunteer as a driver for my local Meals on Wheels, trying to train my Greyhound to do anything (which isn't working at all), I study European and Brazilian history, and am attempting to learn Portuguese (re-learning), and Irish Gaelic. I also love hiking in the woods and playing board games (my favorite is Settlers of Catan).
So, obviously I was reading too fast: my brain caught 'driver' and 'train' and 'Greyhound' and for a moment I thought you were in the transportation business. . . .

I play music at my Church. . . I guess that's a hobby. My friend and I check out pretty much every Craft Show that comes down the pike. I can't make any of that stuff but I've had very talented friends over the years so I'm pretty good at figuring out if a thing is worth the price they're asking. . . .

1 - 2 of 50 Posts
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