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Chapter 11 "Conversations with a Lawyer"

1. What are your impressions of Colum? Dougal? Ned Gowan?

Colum strikes me as a very savvy business man & a good leader. Dougal is a hothead and wouldn't be as good a leader as Colum. He is very loyal to the clan though and to Colum.

2. How do you feel about how Dougal uses Jamie for the Stuart cause?

I thought that was simply deplorable. There is more than one way to skin a cat and he could have found other methods to raise funds. And Jamie was his own nephew, for goodness sake. To humiliate him like that was simply awful.

Chapter 12 "The Garrison Commander"

3. What is your perception of Claire and Jamie's changing relationship? (He sleeps outside her door for protection...)

I wasn't surprised by this at all. Jamie is such a good man and very honorable too. It's clear that he cares deeply for Claire.

4. How has Claire changed between her first and second encounter with Black Jack Randall (at Fort William)?

Actually, I don't see much of a change. She is still feisty Claire, able to take pretty much anything life throws her way.

During her first encounter with Black Jack Randall, she had a pretty good idea he was a cad & a bounder. But her second encounter let her know without a doubt what an absolute vicious swine he truly was.

"Your wig is crooked." - Claire to Jack Randall after he punches her.

This smart remark was foolhardy on Claire's part in my opinion. She had already seen how brutal he was and that was simply inviting more brutality. Simply remaining silent would have been effective enough to let him know that he hadn't broken her.

Chapter 13 "A Marriage Is Announced"

5. How did you feel when first learning Claire and Jamie were to be married?

I was very pleased. Jamie is such a sweetheart. I was pleased that he would be getting a wonderful wife in Claire.

6. What is the significance of the Pictish cross being mentioned again?

For me it was just a reminder that Claire was no longer in 1945. She was still in the area she had been in 1945 before her time travel, but she sure wasn't in the 20th century now.

7. How did the description of Jamie's flogging affect you?

I found it an interesting testament to Jamie's character. It was a brutal beating and very few men would have handled it as well as Jamie. It showed Black Jack Randall to be the brutal pig that he is.

Chapter 14 "A Marriage Takes Place"

8. What was the best aspect of Claire and Jamie's wedding? The most romantic? The most surprising?

The best aspect for me was their kiss after being pronounced man & wife. It seems Claire was truly attracted to him then. The most romantic was Jamie going to so much trouble to make sure it was special for Claire. The most surprising was it being held in the same little chapel where Claire & Frank were wed. That sorta left a bad taste in my mouth. One too many coincidences for me. Claire goes back in time and runs into the very character Frank had discovered with that clergyman. Now, Claire is forced to wed Jamie in the very same chapel she wed Frank. I think DG is overdoing these coincidences and find it detracting to the story as a whole.

Chapter 15 "Revelations of the Bridal Chamber"

9. In what ways were both Jamie and Claire vulnerable on their wedding night?

Well, it seems Jamie is already in love with Claire and is fairly certain she doesn't love him. So he is keeping his feelings on a tight leash as far as I can see. And he's a virgin. But he's fairly and up-front type of person and he just puts it out there. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. So I don't think it was a super-big deal for him.

I'm sure for Claire she was having difficulty "cheating" on Frank. He is her husband in her mind and heart and the man she gave her love to. Now to be sleeping with someone else - even if he's a sweetheart like Jamie - must be difficult.

10. How do you feel about the issue of honesty (and Claire's hesitancy)?

Jamie knows Claire isn't telling him everything - not even half of everything! But he's handling it in a mature manner. Speaking of honesty between the two of them on their wedding day is a good way to get off on the right foot. But I think he can sense there are things Claire simply cannot tell him.

I can certainly understand Claire being hesitant about being totally honest with Jamie. He is a sweetheart indeed. But even Jamie would think she was nuts if she told him she came back in time from 1945.

And Claire is still planning on trying to go back through the stone to get back to Frank. She's hoping this won't hurt Jamie when she leaves him. But has Claire really thought this out? What are the guarantees that if she does go through the stone again and does some more time travel that she will end up in 1945 where she started? For all we know she could go back 200 more years and be in the 16th century.

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