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Chapter 11 "Conversations with a Lawyer"

1. What are your impressions of Colum? Dougal? Ned Gowan?
Colum is strong. I believe he is an honorable man, and thoughtful but he does what he needs to do for the good of Clan McKenzie.
Dougal is more hot-headed and likely to act based on emotions rather than thought.
Ned Gowan is a romantic character, one who is very loyal to Clan McKenzie.

2. How do you feel about how Dougal uses Jamie for the Stuart cause?
It's just wrong and slimy.

Chapter 12 "The Garrison Commander"

3. What is your perception of Claire and Jamie's changing relationship? (He sleeps outside her door for protection...)
By this time, I believe that Jamie is in love with Claire. Claire still sees him more as a friend, but she is attracted to him. She is still thinking she is going to be returning through the stones soon.

4. How has Claire changed between her first and second encounter with Black Jack Randall (at Fort William)?
Well, she understands where she is now, so she has a better understanding of the role of woman and the seriousness of her situation. But she obviously doesn't understand how vulnerable she is before Black Jack. She finds that out rather quickly.

"Your wig is crooked." - Claire to Jack Randall after he punches her.

Chapter 13 "A Marriage Is Announced"

5. How did you feel when first learning Claire and Jamie were to be married?
Surprised at this "solution" but definitely interested to see how it played out. I have always wondered, though, why Claire didn't try to make it a condition that they take her back to Craigh Na Dun before going through with the marriage. Something like, "Fine. I'll marry him, but first you need to take me back to Craigh Na Dun, and no, you can't ask any questions about it."

6. What is the significance of the Pictish cross being mentioned again?
Just a marker - no significance that I'm aware of.

Dougal stops at the crossroads with the Pictish cross and asks Claire if she is a spy and if so for whom.)
Actually, he takes her to St. Ninians pool and has her drink first, because then he'd know if she were lying.

7. How did the description of Jamie's flogging affect you?
Horrified, angry. Awed by how he handled it. Again, this is another way DG shows us something about Jaime's character.

Chapter 14 "A Marriage Takes Place"

8. What was the best aspect of Claire and Jamie's wedding? The most romantic? The most surprising?
Best - I loved the way DG describes Jamie's looks and reactions during the wedding. Since the viewpoint is totally Claire, I like getting an insight into what he might be feeling.
Romantic - the blood vow
Surprising - that it's the same chapel in which she and Frank were married.

Chapter 15 "Revelations of the Bridal Chamber"

9. In what ways were both Jamie and Claire vulnerable on their wedding night?
Jamie - because he's a virgin and because I believe that he has come to love Claire by this point.
Claire - because she still has feelings for Frank, but she's also attracted to Jamie.

10. How do you feel about the issue of honesty (and Claire's hesitancy)?
Honesty is a basic requirement in marriage, and is as good a place to start as any.
Claire's hesitancy is understandable, considering what's happened.

"Don't be afraid...There's the two of us now." - Jamie to Claire (who wonders why he has a knife with him on his wedding night)

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Robin, we have a thread in the Book Corner someplace where people who have finished the book/series can discuss it to their hearts content. I would go and find the link, but I'm feeling too lazy right now. ;)
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