Free today, and sporting over 80 five-star reviews, this fantasy features a teen who lost his father young, and suddenly finds himself dealing with incredible power and impossible choices.

Outview (The Inner Movement), by Brandt Legg

"The plot never stops moving but there are so many deep issues swept along into the story that this isn't just a basic thriller. The mystics are captivating and the chemistry between the brothers is intensely real. It's fiction but many parts feel like they were written from actual events. Much of the action takes place in such beautiful places that I not only found myself picturing them clearly but also wanting to follow the characters route to visit all these spots myself. Worth reading - you'll have a wonderful time." -- Amazon reviewer
A coming of age thriller of mystics and magic.
Nate's father died mysteriously when he was twelve. His older brother knows the truth but their mother had him committed to a mental institution. As the Outviews try to take over his mind, sixteen year old Nate fears his turn is next.
During the search for his brother, Nate and his three school friends fight to stay alive. Along the way they encounter five mystics who show Nate his lost powers, teach the forgotten wisdom and reveal his extraordinary destiny.
In time, Nate discovers that everything he believed about his life is a lie, and that the world contains secrets far more beautiful than he could ever have imagined, and evil far more terrifying than he could ever have feared.
Across time and dimension they are after him . . .

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Brandt Legg is a former child prodigy who turned an interest in stamp collecting into a multi-million dollar empire. At eight, Legg's father died suddenly, plunging his family into poverty. Two years later, while suffering from crippling migraines, he started in business. National media dubbed him the "Teen Tycoon," but by the time he reached his twenties, the high-flying Legg became ensnarled in the financial whirlwind of the junk bond eighties, lost his entire fortune... and ended up serving time in federal prison for financial improprieties.

Legg emerged, chastened and wiser, one year later and began anew in retail and real estate. From there his life adventures have led him through magazine publishing, a newspaper column, photography, FM radio, CD production and concert promotion.

OUTVIEW (book one of the Inner Movement trilogy)

OUTIN (book two of the Inner Movement trilogy)

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