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Page Foundry?

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So I started going wide with my short stories as my marketing plan is to give them all away for free to increase exposure and hopefully build up readership on my novels. I went through Draft 2 Digital figuring I would go through the regular channels (Nook, Apple, Kobo... etc.) one of the options was Page Foundry. Maybe I'm completely out of the loop, but I've never seen anything about them. So anyway i put a story in all the channels and set it to FREE. I hadn't really been checking and when I did I found that Page Foundry is far and away getting the most downloads...

So what exactly is this place and does anyone else have any experience with them?

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It's a preloaded app on Asus devices.
I do not accept VerticalScope's Terms Of Service on Kboards, and have asked for my account to be deleted, along with all of my posts.

If you are here as a result of a Google search, leave now. The owners of this site are interested only in your possible ad revenue.
Elizabeth Ann West said:
It's a preloaded app on Asus devices.
It is? It's not on mine.
I've got downloads of my freebie on Page Foundry through D2D but they've never translated to any paid sales :(
Page Foundry is the Inktera store plus several different apps. I got a small handful of sales via them so far.
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