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Paid author ads - worth the money?

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After discussing my poor results of the latest post Christmas select promotion, I was considering the option for using paid ads in the future to spread the word.  Then somebody told me about their poor results with their latest select promotion, even when they used paid ads.

This got me thinking about what the right approach is.

What are peoples experiences with paid ads? Positive? never again?  Everytime?  Somehwere you would never bother again, or always go back to

Your thoughts and experience would be most appreciated. Have a happy new year everyone! x :)
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Depends on the paid ad. I've had very good results with BookBub and ENT Bargain Books promo for when I've run 99 cent sales.

The BookBub ad in particular more than paid for itself several times over.

And ENT Bargain Books is great because what you pay is tied to how many you sell.
I paid for ads for the first time this past year and I won't do it again. My bottom line would've been much better without them as only one paid for itself. Others swear by them. So who knows?

I'm trying a few things here and there to promote the new release but I don't hold out much hope.
A lot of the usual places only promote freebies or lowbies so finding a place with a decent target market hasn't been easy.

I did sponsor a page for a month at Kindle Nation Daily, without discernible results.
(was a bit silly, because I ended up as a paid title on the top of a whole page of free ones. Duh)
100 Free Books, ENT, KindleBoards, KND are good for free or bargain promotions and are on my list for this coming year for paid; but I'm also looking to have to spend $$ on free runs as well just to ensure mentions.
It really depends on the ad, and how much you're spending, and how long it will benefit you.

What I suggest is to check out the books that are being featured. Look at their ranks and if you can, see if their ranks improve with the ad. (So maybe check right after the ad is posted, then check later in the day.) If you do some research, you can find decent places to do paid ads. Also, check with other authors to see if they made any sales with their ads.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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