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Paid Twitter Campaigns

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I'm just about burned out on marketing. I do so many things in a day that I hardly have time to write. BUT I am considering hiring a service to do a Twitter campaign for me when my books go free next week. This is because I think all the upfront work I have done with the freebie promotion sites is going to be gone and I still want to take (probably a last) shot at free.

Has anyone got a recommendation for a good Twitter service? Did it work for you?
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I'm not sure what a paid Twitter campaign entails, but it's just timed tweets of the same thing like "Awesome Fantasy Novel. Free for a day! #Ebook #Preview #Kindle LINK," and  etc. then I don't know it will help (those always look spammy to me, personally, and if I don't just ignore them, I end up blocking the Tweeter).
Check out You can find tweets for as little as one dollar. Also go to and look under social media. Also, but they are bit more expensive. GOod luck!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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