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Paperback Back Covers

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I'm in the process of figuring out what to put on the back cover of my CreateSpace paperback of To Save the Realm. Is less less or is less more? I doubt that I'll have an illustration back there. Any opinions? (Stupid question, I know.) ;)
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The barcode will take up a sizeable chunk of space at the bottom right corner. Other than that ... the back cover is your oyster! My book has a lengthy blurb on the back, as well as several graphic elements.
Check out how other books in your genre do it and follow their lead. They've been at it a lot longer and through a lot more trial and error. Find a style you like and copy it.

Having said that, paperback back covers were meant to do a lot more in brick and mortar stores than your Createspace or Lulu paperback back cover will. In any case, it's your baby and it should reflect a style and content you want to convey.

On my short story collections, I use the back cover to provide info on the stories contained therein.
On all of my GAMELAND series episodes covers, I use the same blurb, but have thumbnails of my ebook versions. Ditto for my standard omnibus (in my siggy). But on my collector's edition omnibus, the only thing I added to the  back was a biohazard symbol (CS added the barcode box and ISBN) to convey an artsier feel.
On mine (Beneath The Shining Mountains) I started with the title, which isn't as odd as it sounds. If the backcover shows up on Amazon where else might it? If the author's name isn't on it, the title better be or how is the book going to be found?

I then added a very short clip from a review, ie 3 words, choosing a group of power words, then the blurb, then finished with a couple more review clips in italics.

It's not so much a case of less is less or more is better, it is the *space* that matters. Would you want to read a backcover that is one solid edge-to-edge text from top to barcode?

I like Edward Grant's suggestion of a QR code, and will bear that in mind for my own.
Edward M. Grant said:
I also put QR codes on there for my web sites so anyone with a phone, tablet or other QR reader can easily find them.
Yes, either on the back cover itself or inside. Or both.
Edward M. Grant said:
I also put QR codes on there for my web sites so anyone with a phone, tablet or other QR reader can easily find them.
Me, too.

I have a blurb, a quote from an author, a QR code for my website, and thumbnails of the other books in the series under "Look for the other books in the series!"
Wow, Dannika, your cover is absolutely BEAUTIFUL  :eek:
As a reader, I also find it appealing if one or two short reviews of the book are on the back.  Keep the blurb short and sweet and put a rave review or two on there to talk up the book.  Of course, make sure it's ok with the person who reviewed it (which, I'm sure it will be) and if that reviewer is another author in your genre, even better.  :)
Thanks for the advice, everyone. Dannika, the cover is gorgeous.
Danika, absolutely gorgeous. I love that effect.

On the back of mine, I just have a blurb, a small author bio and author photo, against a black background. But I really love yours.
Back covers can have an array of things, but don't make it cluttered so figure out what you want to convey most.

Firstly- blurb (of course). Then perhaps a brief bio about yourself. You can also add any good one liners from your story that can sum up the book- this is a good way to enter into the blurb, or if you have received  particularly great review from someone of note definitely put that on there. You can repeat the title if you like, that is sometimes done, or repeating the tagline also works well.
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