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Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Writers, I want YOU (Promo op!)

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EDIT 1/19/12: I am once again looking for folks to feature on Indie Paranormal! If you're interested in being Paranormal Indie of the Day or in being interviewed, please send me a message after reading the submission guidelines ( I'm taking submissions for Paranormal Indie of the Day and for interviews, and I'd love to have you!

Howdy, guys! I'm trying to jumpstart my blog, Independent Paranormal (, so I'm going to start doing a feature called Paranormal Indie of the Day, and I'm looking for books to feature. As long as your book is indie published and paranormal/urban fantasy/light horror, you qualify. Even if you've already done an interview with me, you can submit.

And guess what else. It's super easy to be featured! All you have to do is send me:

-Your blurb
-Links to where the book can be bought
-A cover image

Then I'll post it and pimp your pretty lil' book all over creation. Just send it all to [email protected]om and you're good to go. :)

Just to be safe, you can read submission guidelines and all that nifty stuff here:
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Bump! Now taking new submissions! :)
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