Parenting from the Heart, by Marilyn Boyer

"I enjoyed reading and learning from Marilyn's book. Being a homeschooling parent myself, this book gives me the confidence that we can succeed in teaching and learning with our child(ren). Being a parent and homeschooler is Gods gift and I can now fully accept it, knowing I/we don't need to be perfect. He is all we need to lean on during the difficult and not so difficult moments. Marilyn's book is more of a conversation with a friend. Thank you!" -- Amazon reviewer
If you're a Mom, your heart will be touched, encouraged, challenged, and your vision enlarged by this book. Imagine having access to the wisdom of a Mom of fourteen children who love the Lord! She not only tells you how she has done it, but also helps you to believe that you can do it too. Don't miss out on over thirty years of heart-felt mothering!

An original founding mother of the modern home-school movement, Marilyn Boyer is simply one of the most inspirational women I have ever met. Ever! I am captivated by her insights on family life, encouraged by her infectious joy for motherhood, and inspired by her indefatiguable spirit. --Doug Phillips, Director of Vision Forum Ministries

Reading Parenting From the Heart is like a friendly visit at the kitchen table over a steaming cup of tea with a godly, older sister in the Lord, gleaning from her many years of experience and gentle wisdom. How I wish Marilyn had written this book when my oldest were little! Be prepared to receive an encouraging hug- you just simply supply the cup of tea! --Tracy Klicka, National home school speaker and writer

I just finished reading your book, Parenting from the Heart. What a blessing it was! I loved your book! You have such a precious heart, Marilyn. Your love for God and your family shined through on every page. I wish we lived closer so I could soak in all your wisdom." ~ Ginger Plowman, founder of Preparing the Way Ministries

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